'KALAVAPAMULA' a small but strong, pretty village with ancient traditions and latest know how's situated in between Vijayawada(28Km) to Gudiwada(13Km) bus route in Vuyyur Mandal, Krishna District, Andra Pradesh, India.

        Sri Vellanki Nagineedu a resident of Tadikonda, Guntur District was passing through Kavutavaram, Krishna District with an aim to build a village, heard the teachings of Sri Hari Padmanabhudu who was a priest & pundit belongs to Machilipatnam. Sri Vellanki Nagineedu corrected the mistake of Sri Hari Padmanabhudu who went wrong while teaching Maha Bharata. This incident made them friends and Sri Hari Padmanabhudu promised Sri Vellanki Nagineedu to settle in the village built by him. A Shoemaker who met Sri Vellanki Nagineedu in Mudunuru platform has explained about an abandoned village. The shoemaker was from Kalapala family belongs to Nuzvid. The village was abandoned 100 years ago. Sri Vellanki Nagineedu has decided to reconstruct that village and Sri Hari Padmanabhudu was also joined with him. In 1745 they reconstructed the village. Even the shoemaker belongs to Kalapala family was also joined in the village. Sri Vellanki Nagineedu and Sri Hari Padmanabhudu were become the first origins of Kalavapamula.Later Sri Duba Ramaiah from Chikkavaram was also joined with them.

        Though the main occupation of the villagers is cultivation, it is proud to say that there are numbre of Doctors, Engineers, Politicians, Industrialists, and more Educated personalities belongs to Kalavapamula.

        The total population is 3662 with literacy percentage of 97.8. The total Voters are 2493 situated in Gannavaram Assembly Constituency and Machilipatnam Parliament Constituency.

        The neighborhood of the village are Vemanda, Indupally, Nandamuru, Rajupet, Katuru, Bollapadu,Mudunuru and Ventrapragada.

        The Total Agricultural land is 1724.68 Acres out of which 1650.68 acres are wet lands. The uplands are only 74 acers,SugarCane(502.39 acres), Teak(7.03 acers) and other crops (135.37 acres).Second crops are Green grams, Black grams etc.

        The village Gram Panchayat was established on 31-03-1933 vide RDIS no:14230-1-32 and the first President of the village was late Sri Vellanki Seetharamaiah who was familier as "President Seetharamaiah Garu". In the later days "Sri Kodali Raghava Rao Chowdary" was as long time President to the Gram Panchayat for 17years 8months who was familier as "President Raghava Rao garu".

        Let us take a tour to such village with greatest personalities and facilitics.

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